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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

RICO Lawsuit Filed Against Henderson County & FEMA, Among Others

June 22nd, 2011 – Henderson County, IL – On Friday, attorneys representing Jesco Disaster Services filed a lawsuit alleging that several parties, including Henderson County, FEMA, IEMA and the Henderson County Board of Supervisors illegally conspired to avoid paying an invoice provided by Jesco for services rendered following the historic Flood of 2008.

Beginning on July 17th, Jesco was contracted by Henderson County to pump 60-70 billion gallons of water out of the ground and into the Mississippi River. Over the course of six weeks, Jesco completed the job and invoiced the county for nearly $30 million dollars, which Jesco has yet to recover.

County officials have claimed that “red tape” and the need to fully audit the invoices are responsible for the non-payment, but the lawsuit alleges an organized conspiracy on the part of local officials and government agencies to avoid paying Jesco.

The contract between Henderson County and Jesco, was unanimously approved by the Board of Supervisors. However, FEMA officials attempted to get the county to break the contract because the cost estimate prepared by the county – which included equipment only, rather than manpower - was significantly lower than the final cost, despite FEMA’s own attorneys deeming the original contract valid.

Henderson County Board Chairman Marty Lafary continues to cite “red tape” and due diligence as the reason for non-payment, but witnesses to public board meeting attest to hearing Mr. Lafary state that the county never had any intention of paying Jesco from day one.

The lawsuit cites several incidents to supports its case, ranging from the falsifying of information, the use of improper accounting measures and deliberate acts to improperly void the contract between Henderson County and Jesco.

Lead Attorney Gary Riebschlager of Brent Coon & Associates said, “What we have here is a clear cut cases of a large group of individuals from various agencies distorting and misrepresenting the facts of this case and the terms of this contract in order to skirt their financial obligations to Jesco. Jesco was hired by the county to provide emergency relief for the people of Henderson County during an extremely difficult time period and Jesco performed the services under good faith. To attempt to retroactively void the contract with a company who was so integral in helping the area fully recover isn’t how business is done in this country.”

The lawsuit seeks full payment for services rendered in addition to attorneys fees and punitive damages.

For more including photos go to: http://www.ricolawsuit.com/

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