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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Open Letter From Brent Coon:

As the founder of Brent Coon and Associates, it is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to introduce our firm to the BMWED Unified System Division membership and convey how excited we are at BCA to be on board the team.

Our firm comes from extensive union roots. My father was in the union and we have built the firm around the needs of the working man and woman. We have a number of very solid labor relationships in place with a wide variety of industries. These involve many of the common carrier trades including the airlines and interstate commerce. We have shaped this firm with decades of practice, recruiting a team with deep organized labor experience. Our in-house union liaisons and staff have extensive experience with railroad and union activities including organizing, negotiations, grievances and arbitrations.

As a national firm with rich and diverse skill sets, we will provide a wide variety of services for the BMWED Unified System Division. From our role with the United Steelworkers and other unions associated with the industrial trades, like steelworkers, chemical workers, refinery workers, paper mill workers, and a variety of other trades, we have learned to go far beyond personal injury claims and are able to tackle the toughest occupational disease and 3rd party cases. A number of our offices and attorneys routinely handle FELA claims – taking on companies like Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific in courtrooms around the country.

At BCA, we understand the importance of communications and technology in serving our clients. Communication is key with the jury, a judge, the press or the government – and we have excellent skill sets in all of them. As public policy advocates, we have written legislation on the issues of workplace safety and bring the stories to the national media like no other law firm in the country. Our technology capabilities, including case management, data-basing, electronic discovery, and trial presentation, place us in a position to maximize settlements and dominate in a courtroom.

This is also why we rely heavily on electronic media tools like our new FELA website (www.fela411.com), multiple firm-dedicated websites, our library of informational videos, and our various electronic newsletters. Getting the right information to you when you need it can be the difference – that’s why our lines are open to anyone who may have a claim or who just needs to ask us a legal question (855-680-FELA).

Again, we look forward to being part of the BMWED Unified System Division legal team.

Thank you and in solidarity,

Brent W. Coon
Brent Coon & Associates

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