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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Of Counsel Attorney M.P.”Pappy” Papadakis Receives Prestigious Award For Aviation Safety

Brent Coon & Associates is extremely proud to congratulate BCA Aviation's Of Counsel Attorney M.P.”Pappy” Papadakis on being awarded the 2013 Jerome F. Lederer Award by the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) at their annual ISASI Seminar in Vancouver Canada on August 19th .
Pappy was announced as co-winner of the award along with Frank Del Gandio. The award is for “Outstanding contributions to technical excellence in accident investigation” and recognizes Pappy’s continuing achievement and devotion to aviation safety.

The award was created to honor Mr. Lederer, bestowed as the “Father of Aviation Safety” by Congress in 1997. Mr. Lederer was hired in 1926 to oversee aircraft maintenance by the U.S. Post Office and from 1929 to 1940 served as chief engineer for aviation insurance underwriters. In 1940 he accepted an appointment as director of the Civil Aeronautics Board’s Safety Bureau, resigning to become director of the Airlines War Training Institute in 1942, training airmen and mechanics for the Air Transport Command and safety consultant to the 2nd Air Force. In 1947 he organized the Flight Safety Foundation and was director through 1967 when he was appointed director of the Office of Manned Space Flight Safety for the Apollo Program, becoming the Director for all of NASA in 1970.

Mr. Papadakis was a US Naval aviator and carrier pilot. In his second tour he was a Research and Development test pilot and SAR project officer at the Naval Air Development Center. Thereafter, he was Captain for Delta Airlines incorporated logging 23,500 accident free hours while becoming type rated Captain in B727,B737,B757, B767, B767NG -400 and L1011.

By flying every weekend and holiday for the airline Pappy was able to attend law school graduating STCL in 1974. He kept flying on weekends and holidays while practicing law full time. While a pilot for Delta he served on ALPA Safety, accident and Incident committees. He was National Alternate to the noise abatement committee and to the all weather flying committee. He served on the National ALPA Operation USA safety and two man/three man cockpit committee and was elected for a 21/2 year term as a pilot contract negotiator. After retiring from Delta in 2001 he was a contract consultant for SWAPA.

In his avocation as aircraft accident investigator or consulting attorney he has investigated evaluated and/or helped litigate in excess of 450 accident cases.

He wrote the aviation reference text “Aircraft Accident Reconstruction and Litigation”, now in its 4th edition. He has published professionally over 50 times and has featured articles in ISASI on four occasions. Pappy began in 1980 teaching Aviation Law and Product law as an adjunct professor at South Texas College of Law. He has received Honored Adjunct Award 2011 and SBA Faculty Award for Excellence in 2013.
Pappy has a unique recognition as being recognized in Who is Who in America, Who is Who in education and Who is Who in American Law. Pappy joined ISASI in 1976 and has served ISASI as ethics chair for a six year period . He was Chairman of the Aviation Section of American Association of justice and he was Chairman of the Aviation Section of The State Bar of Texas.

Papadakis holds “ISASI Fellow” membership and is qualified as a Life Member as well. Capt Papadakis greatly appreciates the honor of the Lederer Award and the recognition of his dedication to “everything safety” and to the principles established by the “Father of Aviation Safety”.

Papadakis joined Brent Coon & Associates in 2009 as an Of Counsel Attorney and Lead Investigator for BCA’s Aviation Department.

Founder Brent Coon said, “This gives our firm in-house counsel from the nation’s leading aviation expert. BCA has established itself as first tier aviation law firm in no small part because of Pappy’s presence. We are extremely fortunate to have him as a part of our legal team.”

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