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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29th, 2014 - BCA Verdict and Settlement Announcement

Joshua Dorman, a Union Pacific Railroad employee  was injured while driving a company truck when the brakes failed causing the truck to roll over. Mr. Dorman suffered injuries to his cervical spine and shoulder when he was ejected from the truck.  Joshua Dorman’s lawsuit was settled last week, terms of the settlement are confidential. The plaintiffs argued that Union Pacific Railroad Company failed to properly maintain the vehicle after the employee notified his supervisor of the brake defect.

While the settlement terms will remain confidential, Mr. Dorman is very pleased with the results of the case. Attorney Paula Rasmussen, of Brent Coon and Associates stated that she was both proud to represent Joshua Dorman and also pleased with the results of the settlement.  Paula Rasmussen stated, “We are so proud of the courage in which Joshua showed throughout the entire process and are pleased that their efforts were richly rewarded today.”

Attorney Jack Feeney represented Union Pacific Railroad Company in this lawsuit which was filed in Kern County Superior Court.

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