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Monday, December 28, 2015

BCA Investigating Porter Ranch Gas Leak Lawsuits

Brent Coon and Associates are currently investigating lawsuits due to the Porter Ranch SoCal Gas Leak disaster. Many business in the area have been forced to close and have lost millions of dollars in revenue. While not as drastic to this point, the Porter Ranch SoCal Gas Leak disaster has many similarities to the BP Gulf Coast Disaster.

Brent Coon is now investigating the details of this latest gas leak. Many families and businesses have been relocated due to the gas leak. Business in the area has taken a drastic economic hit during the holiday season and lost revenue. Brent Coon and Associates took the lead in multiple tragedies involving British Petroleum and may take the lead again in the litigation over the Porter Ranch SoCal Gas Leak. Brent Coon was also involved in the lawsuit against BP over the Texas City Explosion when he represented Eva Rowe. The Eva Rowe settlement against BP generated millions and millions of dollars going to charity. The financial terms of the Eva Rowe settlement remain confidential.

To learn more about how to file a lawsuit in the Porter Ranch SoCal Gas Leak disaster, click here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

BCA Relaunches Mortgage Fraud Website to Help Keep Victims in Homes

Brent Coon and Associates has relaunched it's BCA Mortgage Fraud websites to help keep victims of Mortgage Fraud in their homes. They have partnered with lawyers around the country to try to help local victims of Mortgage Fraud from losing their homes. Contact BCA Mortgage Fraud lawyers to find an aggressive legal solution to resolving your foreclosure issues at 855-435-5839.

Visit BCA Mortgage Fraud for Foreclosure Help Today.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Injury settlements sometimes more insightful than trial results

By Brandon K. Scott - Beaumont Enterprise

In the court of public opinion, personal injury lawsuits can be viewed negatively, with all the parties appearing focused on one thing - money.

Increasingly, though, plaintiffs' takeaways can be found in the small type, not the big numbers, of out-of-court settlements, attorneys say.

In recent years, non-monetary requirements - ranging from moments of silence to physical memorials - have become more common in final agreements.

"We encourage our clients to think outside the box and to talk about resolution processes that make them feel better about it," said Beaumont attorney Brent Coon, who recently handled a high-profile case whose settlement included such riders.

"It's not just about money. It's about some other remedy or agreement that creates a greater good or legacy for the loss of the loved one," Coon said.

As a practical matter, such conditions can help get settlements completed, especially when emotions run high.

"I think it's kind of cutting edge, and I think you're going to see a lot more of that," said Tommy L. Yeates, an attorney with Moore Landrey in Beaumont.

If plant worker Crystle Wise had received a large sum of money during her lifetime, her family believes she would have donated some of it to help animals.

So as part of the settlement with DuPont in the gas leak that killed Wise and three other people last November, the company agreed to make a $100,000 contribution to the American Humane Society, as well as observe a moment of silence on the anniversary of the incident for the next 10 years at DuPont facilities nationwide.

As long as the chemical company honors the conditions, the settlement remains confidential.

David Crump, a University of Houston law professor and civil trial lawyer, said many people who file lawsuits are looking to make a point, not just a buck.

"You'd be surprised at how many clients just want to put the defendant out of business," Crump said. "If it makes the plaintiff more satisfied, but doesn't cost the company any money, it's simply a decent thing to do and it can also result in settling the case."

Settling out of court is often the best option for plaintiffs - who studies show more than 60 percent of the time receive less at trial than they were offered beforehand - and saves defendants trials costs, legal experts say.

Read more at Brent Coon and Associates

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Congress Calls for Essure FDA Recall

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick has sent an order titled the E-Free Act which would revoke premarket approval from the birth control device Essure. There have been over 5,000 complaints of dangerous side effects of Essure. Congress is also asking for a full FDA recall of Essure. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro also sent a letter to the FDA stating that she is “deeply concerned about the severe adverse health effects of Essure.”

If Fitzpatrick's order is passed, Essure would lose premarket approval within 60 days. Brent Coon and Associates are investigating Essure lawsuits. Learn if you qualify for an Essure Lawsuit.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Brent Coon Named As Texas Super Lawyer for 2015

Brent Coon & Associates is proud to announce that the firm’s founder, Brent Coon, has been named as a 2015 Texas SuperLawyer. This is the eigth consecutive year Mr. Coon has been bestowed with the honor. The selection process for SuperLawyers is entirely peer nominated and reviewed. After reviewing and scrutinizing the nominees, a blue ribbon panel selects those attorneys most worthy of receiving the SuperLawyer designation. Each year, the SuperLawyer honor is designated for no more than five percent of the state’s attorneys.
Brent Coon served as Lead Counsel in the litigation stemming from the 2005 refinery explosion at the BP plant in Texas City, TX. The explosion killed 15 workers and injured hundreds more. Coon reached a settlement with BP that forced the company to make public the seven million documents his firm had uncovered, fund over $40 million dollars to various charities, organizations and educational institutions that focus on improving process safety within the petrochemical industry, and ultimately a plea of 15 counts of felony manslaughter with the Department of Justice. The firm has successfully handled thousands of injury and occupational injury cases in Louisiana and elsewhere and presently represents over 10,000 victims of the BP oil spill in massive federal litigation involving multiple parties. Coon and firm clients have routinely made appearances in Congressional and legislative affairs and hearings and appeared hundreds of times with interviews of legal import to national and international radio, television and press corps.
Earlier this year, Mr. Coon was honored by Best Lawyers as one of the Best Lawyers in America for 2015.
Brent Coon & Associates was founded in 2001. Today, with multiple satellite offices around the country and hundreds of associated firms in various practice areas, it is one of the most recognized trial law firms in the nation and the epitome of the 21st century law practice. Brent Coon & Associates employs a full complement of aggressive litigators with solid experience in individual and complex multi-party, occupational/environmental, health and personal injury cases

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Brent Coon and Associates Investigating Essure Lawsuits

Brent Coon and Associates Investigating Essure Lawsuits. The law firm has launched a new section of it's website dedicated to helping women who have suffered side effects from Essure.

The FDA has received at least 4,500 adverse event reports since Essure Birth Control was approved. Some of the reported side effects of Essure Birth Control include:
  • bloating
  • rashes
  • allergic reactions
  • excessive bleeding
  • organ perforation
  • pelvic pain
  • miscarriage
  • ectopic pregnancy
There has been reports that the Essure device has a tendency to migrate which causes serious issues and could result in multiple surgeries to be performed to correct the device.

If you or a loved one have suffered from Essure, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact BCA at  855-435-5839 to learn how to file an Essure Lawsuit. Or to read more about Essure lawsuits visit http://bcoonlaw.com/essure_birth_control_lawsuit

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Brent Coon Launches New IVC Filter Website

Brent Coon and Associates has launched a new website dedicated to the IVC Filter Lawsuits and ongoing litigation at: http://www.ivclawsuits.com

There have been reports of dangerous side effects from IVC filters as they have a 40% fracture rate. The metal of the IVC filters can then travel to vital organs and cause serious injury and in some cases death. NBC Nightly News is doing a two part special on the IVC dangers.  You can watch the NBC IVC Lawsuit special below.

IVC Filter Lawsuit Information: If your or a loved one suffered an injury after being given an IVC Filter, you should consult an IVC Filter lawyer as soon as possible in order to protect your claim for a IVC Filter Lawsuit and settlement. Call us at: 855-435-5839 speak with a IVC Filter Lawyer now.

International Litigation Firm Brent Coon and Associates files Lawsuit and Temporary Restraining Order in severe burn injury case at Nelson Industrial Steam Company

On Wednesday, August 26th, Brent Coon and Associates filed a lawsuit in the 14th Judicial District Court for the Parish of Calcasieu against Nelson Industrial Steam Company (NISCO) on behalf of a worker who was seriously injured in an incident involving a Pioneer Pump. The suit seeks monetary recovery for lost income, medical bills, disfigurement, and special damages.

On Thursday, July 30, 2015, Scott Kershaw was performing work as a supervisor for his employer, Drill Cutting Disposal Company. Mr. Kershaw was retained by Turner Industries to perform drying operations of petcoke drained from NISCO's premises. Mr. Kershaw’s work included cleaning the hoses on the Pioneer Pump, that was provided by Turner Industries through rental by United Rentals.  The hose was supposed to be unpressured and Mr. Kershaw had taken all the expected safety precautions in performing this task. However, when he uncoupled the hose of the Pioneer Pump for cleaning, he was sprayed with hot liquid, which severely burned over 30% of his body. These injuries are extremely severe in nature and will require continued long term medical care and treatment through specialized burn care facilities.   The lawsuit includes a Temporary Restraining Order to preserve the evidence. In addition, BCA is also filing suit on behalf of Mr. Kershaw's wife Sandra Kershaw for loss of consortium. Also named in this lawsuit is Entergy Corporation, Entergy Louisiana, L.L.C., Franklin Electric Company, Pioneer Pump, Inc., Turner Industries Group, LLC, and United Rentals, Inc.

Brent Coon & Associates are no strangers to taking on workplace negligence and forcing change in legislation and workplace safety standards. Founder Brent Coon served as Lead Counsel in the litigation stemming from the 2005 refinery explosion at the BP plant in Texas City, TX. The explosion killed 15 workers and injured hundreds more. Coon reached a settlement with BP that forced the company to make public the seven million documents his firm had uncovered, fund over $40 million dollars to various charities, organizations and educational institutions that focus on improving process safety within the petrochemical industry, and ultimately a plea of 15 counts of felony manslaughter with the Department of Justice. The firm has successfully handled thousands of injury and occupational injury cases in Louisiana and elsewhere and presently represents over 10,000 victims of the BP oil spill in massive federal litigation involving multiple parties. Coon and firm clients have routinely made appearances in Congressional and legislative affairs and hearings and appeared hundreds of times with interviews of legal import to national and international radio, television and press corps.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

BCA Investigating Cruise Ship Lawsuits

Cruise Ship Lawsuits
Brent Coon and Associates has expanded it's Personal Injury division and is now actively accepting Cruise Ship Lawsuit claims. 13 million Americans travel on cruise ships every year. There are many situations where passengers can be injured on Cruise Ships due to negligence. BCA has a long history of litigation in high profile personal injury cases. If you have been injured on a Cruise ship, BCA would be interested in speaking with you regarding your possible claim. Visit to the new Cruise Ship lawsuit section of our main website for more information. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Southeast Texas family questions safety at petrochemical plant after death of daughter

Betty LeBlanc and her husband Adam share memories of their only child while turning the pages of a photo album.

"Did she feel safe? She really was getting used to the environment," says Betty LeBlanc.
In March of last year Crystle Wise began working as an operator at the DuPont plant in La Porte. Wise began telling her parents about strong odors inside her unit two months before she died.

"She did have to leave a control room one time because she said it was just too bad and her co-worker followed her," says LeBlanc.

Wise died in 2014. A massive leak of gases inside the pesticide unit killed her and three co-workers.
"She may have made it down if that ventilator would have been working," says Adam LeBlanc, the father of Crystle Wise.

Attorney Brent Coon represents the family in a civil lawsuit against DuPont. He says the lack of proper ventilation wasn't the only problem.

"People were working without required respiratory protection and the people didn't even have emergency packs there on standby in the event something did happened they could very quickly grab the mask and get some protection," says Coon.

A series of what Coon calls failures amounting to negligence. The attorney says he's seen the same thing before in the 2005 Texas City BP Explosion that killed 15 workers.

"Every single refinery and every single chemical that I've ever had any dealings with in over thirty years it's almost all of them. Every single one of them have major safety gaps in their operation," says Coon.

Coon feels strongly that companies need to do a better job of maintaining their equipment.

"What we've seen in the industry now is that the normal one or two year turn around now is sometimes never or even if it's scheduled it's scheduled at four or five years instead of one or two years and when the four or five years comes it very often is pushed off even further," says Coon.

A retired petrochemical plant worker Tom Montalbano believes that facilities are generally safe. However, he says concerns about equipment safety did play a role in union members going on strike earlier this year at several plants.

"The standards for design and for performance have changed and so some of this old equipment no longer meets it that's why equipment gets grandfathered under the law," says Montalbano.

Montalbano says the equipment does meet legal standards but Coon believes more should be done. He argues companies aren't being pushed enough to answer tough questions.

"OSHA in recognition of that gap they're under funded they don't have anybody that can go out and inspect these plants with any degree of scrutiny so what we do instead is we allow the plants to self-regulate it's called the VPP program," says Coon.

Coon is referring to a voluntary program allowing companies to report leaks and other incidents.

"There's never any criminal accountability to management in these industries when they deliberately made decisions that put their workforce at risk and caused their workers to die and they never go to jail for it even in Texas City," says Coon.

Betty LeBlanc hopes DuPont and other companies use what happened as an opportunity for change.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Toxic Air Cabin Lawsuit

Brent Coon and Associates is investigating Toxic Air Cabin lawsuits after reports of flight crew suffering from breathing toxic cabin air. A study conducted in 2007 claims that pilots report these fume events on 1% of all flights.

Toxic Air Cabin Lawsuits
A new lawsuit was filed on June 24th on behalf of 4 flight attendants who claim that Boeing has a design flaw in it's planes that cause these toxic fumes. The experience of our aviation team helps our law firm to be able to develop strong cases for injured clients and grieving families. Our airplane attorneys and aviation legal team have helped obtain significant verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Visit our  Toxic Air Cabin lawsuits section of our main website to learn how to file a Toxic Air Cabin lawsuit.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hip and Knee Infection Lawsuits

Brent Coon and Associates is investigating knee/hip Infection lawsuits after reports of patients suffering from dangerous infections after knee or hip procedures.

The symptoms of infection from a hip or knee replacement surgery include: Pain, Swelling, Wound Drainage, Fever and Chills, Fatigue. Approximately half of the knee and hip infections are staph infections. 8% of the infected hip and knee's are staphylococcus aureus. Staphylococcus aureus is a very serious infection that is difficult to treat.

If you have suffered from an infection caused by a hip or knee procedure  you may be entitled to compensation. We are actively looking for patients who suffered from an infection and the procedure was performed with in the past 6 years.

BCA will also considering attorney referrals regarding hip/knee infection lawsuits and litigation.

To learn more visit our website and our Hip or Knee Infection Lawsuit page.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lawsuit Filed after Infant Death at Day Care Center in Texas City

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 - Houston Texas - A lawsuit was filed Tuesday afternoon on behalf of a grieving family whose infant daughter was found unconscious at a Day Care center in Texas City. On Monday, May 11th, Texas City emergency medical personnel were called to the home of Derrell and Divina Archie, who operate a home-based day care center on the 5100 block of Burr Oak Lane. Emergency crews found 3 month old Amani Ball of La Marque unconscious and not breathing. She was taken to Mainland Medical Center in Texas City and then transported to The University of Texas Medical Branch’s John Sealy Hospital. Efforts to resuscitate failed and Amani was pronounced dead at the hospital on Wednesday.

Amani's parents, Demisia & Anthony Ball
, are being represented by the law firm of Brent Coon and Associates (BCA). The lawsuit, filed against the home day care center and operators, allege not only negligence but gross negligence by the facility. Since 2013, the home day care center operated by the Archie's was inspected three times and was cited six times for violations. Attorney Brent Coon stated, "There are many more questions that need to be answered regarding this tragedy, including the safety precautions in place, the mandatory requirements of these types of facilities and the role of Child Protective Services. There were inadequate or non-existent audio and video monitoring devices on site, there were no cribs for infants in their care, and supervision was grossly inadequate. Amani may have been struggling for over an hour before she was even found on the floor unconscious. This pathetic level of child care was unconscionable and the facility should be immediately closed”.      

Brent Coon & Associates prides itself on being a public policy law firm. “Our first and foremost responsibility is to our clients and
assisting them through the intimidating and emotionally charged legal process”  says BCA founder Brent Coon.  “But I’ve always felt that our firm has a responsibility to the public as well. Sometimes it’s not enough to simply get a satisfactory result for your client. We also strive to use our position and involvement to influence meaningful change in public policy and industry-specific safety standards to help make our community and our country a safer place for our citizens to live and work, and in this case, a safer place for our children.

In addition to the lawsuit filed on behalf Amani Ball's family, BCA is calling for increased regulations for home day care centers. Between 2004 and 2007, 49 children in Texas died in unregulated day care centers. In addition to increased regulations, child day care centers
should require more intensive health and safety training for licensed, license - exempt and unlicensed child care providers.  Federal and state based requirements should be systematically in place for reporting child fatalities in all types of child care situations.  The home based child care industry is particularly vulnerable. Studies attribute over 1,000 of the 1,300 reported child fatalities in child care facilities from 1985 to 2003 to home based care facilities, which generally operate with less standardized oversight and regulation.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Information on Zofran Lawsuits

There are new studies that have linked Zofran to an increased risk of birth defects in women that have taken the drug for morning sickness during pregnancy. There have been recent lawsuit filed against GlaxoSmithKline citing a failure to warn mothers of these risks. There are reports that Zofran can cause birth defects including cleft palate, holes in the heart, heart murmurs and fetal death in some cases. Zofran is a very popular drug that is prescribed to treat morning sickness. The FDA has never tested Zofran for morning sickness. It was approved to to be prescribed for cancer patients after surgery.

There has been a Zofran lawsuit filed in Minnesota from a women that claims her two children suffers from heart defects caused by Zofran. A woman in Massachusetts also filed a Zofran lawsuit stating that her child suffered a hole in his heart due to the side effects of taking Zofran for morning sickness.

If you took Zofran and your child suffered birth defects, you should consult an Zofran lawyer as soon as possible in order to protect your claim for a Zofran Lawsuit and settlement.  Visit our website for more information on how to file a Zofran Lawsuit.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

5 Year Retrospective on the Gulf Oil Spill

The tragedy of the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion, the resulting oil spill, and the pronounced impact it all had on the Gulf of Mexico is now approaching an ignominious five year anniversary. Most of the business industries and employees affected by the spill have yet to be compensated, and many probably never will. The impact on the gulf from the sheer quantity of hundreds of millions of gallons of oil and millions of gallons of dispersants has left a yet unquantifiable amount of damage. Just weeks ago, another 10 million gallon mat of BP oil from the spill was found on the ocean floor in yet another area now completely devoid of aquatic life. The long term health effects from unprotected exposure to the hydrocarbons and toxic dispersants is another dark and looming consequence of the recklessness of a gluttonous international oil conglomerate and their associates. BP had already pled guilty to 15 counts of criminal manslaughter in 2007 (and serving probation) for a disaster in their Texas City refinery when 11 more innocent souls were lost on the Horizon. Numerous other BP employees and contractors have died on the job before and after. BP’s record on environmental and occupational compliance is horrendous, by far the worst in an industry itself that has always ranked at the very bottom in every quantifiable measurement on occupational safety and health. Even this week, their own employees in various refineries are on strike over the deplorable safety and health practices within their company.

Since the Horizon explosion, BP and their allies have engaged in a massive PR campaign, one that has so far successfully and completely masked over what has really been happening to the gulf over the last five years and to the people whose lives were forever transformed. This smear campaign and misinformation campaign has been well orchestrated, utilizing hundreds of millions of BP marketing dollars and the assistance of the US Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholder allies.

It is our immediate goal to start shining a light on what is really happening. Our firm has over 10,000 clients still waiting for restitution. Hundreds of thousands of others also are still stuck in the waiting game. Many hundreds of thousands of other victims gave up or never even pursued compensation through the strategies of delay, castigation, and false communication orchestrated by BP’s massive international public relations campaigns, layers of paperwork, and intensive legal maneuvering.

The international media is now starting to return their focus to the disaster of the gulf spill to see what has really transpired over the last five years. MSNBC and the Ed Shultz show recently went on-location in Florida and Louisiana and are now presenting a week long expose into the matter. Our firm is proud to help support this investigation by providing insight, commentary and our own clients and witnesses for the programming, which is airing in sections every day this week on the Ed Show, 5pm EST. I hope to again be joining Ed on his show this Friday to further discuss the legal aspects of the oil spill. We encourage all of you to follow this story, and many others we hope to see follow, that again refocus the cameras and the investigations into what is really transpiring in hundreds of local economies that were devastated from that disaster.
BP originally pledged to our White House, in the first months after the spill, that they would immediately post a $20 Billion dollar fund to begin the reparations process. With that, the media soon left to cover other stories. What the public doesn’t realize is that after that announcement was made and the fund was created, BP SHUT IT DOWN. Very little of those monies were ever delivered as promised and the program was killed.

A “class action” was created as a substitute claims process in order to corral most claims (and BP’s legal exposure). After that strategy was successfully orchestrated, BP began the calculated process of beating claimants down, objecting to every aspect of their own settlement agreement and by appealing every possible issue. Today, almost five years later, publicly filed reports show that BP has only paid 35 claims out of 3,428 who LOST THEIR BUSINESS COMPLETELY as a result of the spill. BP has paid less than 2% of all filed vendor economic loss cases, and they have paid less than 20% of ALL claimants in this settlement who have filed losses for their businesses or who worked in those industries and were laid off after the spill. They continue to refuse to PAY ANY claim associated to losses in the real estate industry, the financial industry, the gaming industry, and the offshore industries shut down from the spill. They even refuse to pay the various states on claims filed by each Attorney General in every affected state. And they have refused to pay the Department of Justice for fines associated to the spill, instead forcing a month’s long trial that ended only a few weeks ago.

We hope that everyone watches the programming this week, and the many other stories that our clients and other claimants will continue to share with the international media, so that BP will not win their billion dollar PR campaign against those they harmed. Bought and paid for advertising will not be able to withstand the scrutiny of an independent media and our public, so long as we can get our side of the story out.

We hope that everyone will join in this effort. Together, we can make a difference, a big difference.

Click below to watch the first segment of this expose from the Ed Show, which aired Monday. (Additional segments will air daily through this week).



Monday, February 2, 2015

Final Results for Trinity Guardrail Crash Test

The New York Times ran a long form story about the importance of the results of the final Trinity Guardrail crash test. According to the story the final crash test earlier this week were a bit different than the previous Trinity crash test results which were called "unremarkable." In this final test a 1998 GEO Metro was ran into a Trinity Guardrail at approx 60 miles per hour. After watching the video, it appears the car spun out and a section of metal struck the driver side door. There was apparent damage to the driver side door bending it inward and you can see the test dummy in the car. The front of the car in this Trinity Crash test video also appeared damage. Federal officials did not comment on the fact that this crash test appeared to have caused far more damage than previous Trinity crash tests.

Read more about Trinity Crash Test Results

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Xarelto MDL Lawsuits

Xarelto Lawsuits are starting to become consolidated into a Xarelto Multi District Litigation. First the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multi district District Litigation ordered over 20 cases to federal court in Louisiana. Then 80 Xarelto lawsuits were transferred in Philadelphia to the Complex Litigation Xarelto Litigation Mass Tort Program. This consolidation is not a Xarelto Class Action, but the creation of Xarelto MDL. There are reports that thousands of Xarelto Lawsuits could be filed in this program. Brent Coon and Associates has extensive experience in mass tort programs. Brent Coon and Associates was named “Mass Tort Litigation Department of the Year” by Texas Lawyer for it's work on the BP Oil Spill Litigation.

Learn more about filing a Xarelto Lawsuits.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Foreclosure Fraud on Military Members

Recently some of the largest banks in America have plead guilty for wrongfully foreclosing on Military Members during the housing crisis. Banks and financial institutions reportedly used faulty documents while evicting military members. In many of these cases, the banks wrongfully foreclosed on these military members while they were on active duty. There are some reports that these wrongful foreclosure cases can be in the thousands. The financial institutions that have reportedly wrongfully foreclosed in military members include:
  • Bank of America
  • Citigroup
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Wells Fargo
These wrongful foreclose of members of the military are in violation of the Service Members Civil Relief Act. Learn more on how to file a Military Member Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Brent Coon Investigating Air Recall Lawsuits

Brent Coon and Associates is now investigating lawsuits regarding defective Takata Airbags. These airbags can rupture and then shoot bit of shrapnel into drivers of these cars. There have been a number of reported deaths caused by shrapnel shooting out of these airbags. There are reports that in more humid states, moisture can seep inside of the airbag and cause this issue. Even in minor accidents the shrapnel can cause serious and in some case deadly injuries.

For a list of the recalled airbags involved in these Airbag Lawsuits click here.