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Thursday, September 3, 2015

International Litigation Firm Brent Coon and Associates files Lawsuit and Temporary Restraining Order in severe burn injury case at Nelson Industrial Steam Company

On Wednesday, August 26th, Brent Coon and Associates filed a lawsuit in the 14th Judicial District Court for the Parish of Calcasieu against Nelson Industrial Steam Company (NISCO) on behalf of a worker who was seriously injured in an incident involving a Pioneer Pump. The suit seeks monetary recovery for lost income, medical bills, disfigurement, and special damages.

On Thursday, July 30, 2015, Scott Kershaw was performing work as a supervisor for his employer, Drill Cutting Disposal Company. Mr. Kershaw was retained by Turner Industries to perform drying operations of petcoke drained from NISCO's premises. Mr. Kershaw’s work included cleaning the hoses on the Pioneer Pump, that was provided by Turner Industries through rental by United Rentals.  The hose was supposed to be unpressured and Mr. Kershaw had taken all the expected safety precautions in performing this task. However, when he uncoupled the hose of the Pioneer Pump for cleaning, he was sprayed with hot liquid, which severely burned over 30% of his body. These injuries are extremely severe in nature and will require continued long term medical care and treatment through specialized burn care facilities.   The lawsuit includes a Temporary Restraining Order to preserve the evidence. In addition, BCA is also filing suit on behalf of Mr. Kershaw's wife Sandra Kershaw for loss of consortium. Also named in this lawsuit is Entergy Corporation, Entergy Louisiana, L.L.C., Franklin Electric Company, Pioneer Pump, Inc., Turner Industries Group, LLC, and United Rentals, Inc.

Brent Coon & Associates are no strangers to taking on workplace negligence and forcing change in legislation and workplace safety standards. Founder Brent Coon served as Lead Counsel in the litigation stemming from the 2005 refinery explosion at the BP plant in Texas City, TX. The explosion killed 15 workers and injured hundreds more. Coon reached a settlement with BP that forced the company to make public the seven million documents his firm had uncovered, fund over $40 million dollars to various charities, organizations and educational institutions that focus on improving process safety within the petrochemical industry, and ultimately a plea of 15 counts of felony manslaughter with the Department of Justice. The firm has successfully handled thousands of injury and occupational injury cases in Louisiana and elsewhere and presently represents over 10,000 victims of the BP oil spill in massive federal litigation involving multiple parties. Coon and firm clients have routinely made appearances in Congressional and legislative affairs and hearings and appeared hundreds of times with interviews of legal import to national and international radio, television and press corps.

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