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Monday, December 28, 2015

BCA Investigating Porter Ranch Gas Leak Lawsuits

Brent Coon and Associates are currently investigating lawsuits due to the Porter Ranch SoCal Gas Leak disaster. Many business in the area have been forced to close and have lost millions of dollars in revenue. While not as drastic to this point, the Porter Ranch SoCal Gas Leak disaster has many similarities to the BP Gulf Coast Disaster.

Brent Coon is now investigating the details of this latest gas leak. Many families and businesses have been relocated due to the gas leak. Business in the area has taken a drastic economic hit during the holiday season and lost revenue. Brent Coon and Associates took the lead in multiple tragedies involving British Petroleum and may take the lead again in the litigation over the Porter Ranch SoCal Gas Leak. Brent Coon was also involved in the lawsuit against BP over the Texas City Explosion when he represented Eva Rowe. The Eva Rowe settlement against BP generated millions and millions of dollars going to charity. The financial terms of the Eva Rowe settlement remain confidential.

To learn more about how to file a lawsuit in the Porter Ranch SoCal Gas Leak disaster, click here.

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