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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Famed Attorney Brent Coon Plans to Hit SoCal Hard for the Porter Ranch Gas Leak

When it comes to Petrochemical Law, there is no doubt about it Brent Coon’s name is synonymous with fighting Big Oil. Nationally known, a partner with the US Government, appearances on 60 Minutes, The Today Show, CNN, and on most every major news organization, Brent and his national law firm, have been leading the fight against oil companies and winning environmental disaster lawsuits for nearly a decade. Under the law firm’s belt are numerous victories, most notably, the BP Oil Spill, Dupont Gas Leak in La Porte, Texas, the Louisiana and Texas City Plant Explosions.
Brent Coon Porter Ranch Gas Leak

“If there is one thing we know about oil companies and the environmental disasters they create, it’s their strategy to complicate the litigation process, then to add insult to injury, they delay, deny and underpay claims” Brent went on to say that in his opinion the SoCal Gas Leak reminds him of the BP Oil Spill in so many ways. As a result of handling tens of thousands of BP related claims, BCA already has the infrastructure in place to maximize and expedite the claims process.

These people need help and we will get involved because Big Oil cannot continue to affect and destroy health, life and property. The once beloved community of Porter Ranch has turned into a real nightmare with no end in sight. We now have one death possibly related to the gas leak, criminal charges filed against SoCal, thousands of relocated residents, schools closed, children and the elderly exposed to harmful chemicals on a daily basis, businesses gasping for air, community association boards, realtors and developers wondering if anyone will ever buy another home in Porter Ranch and homeowners hoping and praying that their once million dollar investment does not become a penny stock.

Our aim is to help Porter Ranch regain its blue chip status again. To offset the stigma that SoCal caused the community of Porter Ranch will require a legal team with the financial means, right strategy and expertise in environmental disasters, and our firm has that. With offices in Los Angeles and across the country, Brent Coon will begin to offer his expertise to attorneys already engaged with Porter Ranch residents, business owners, community association boards, city governments and developers. We will do everything possible to make Porter Ranch what it once was and we will hit SoCal hard for the damage they have caused. For more information, please visit our website- porterranchclaims.com

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