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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Report: Analyst Suggests Essure is Linked to 303 Fetal Deaths

On Feb 17th an analyist released information from her study which states the FDA database contains 303 cases of which Essure may have caused fetal deaths. Spokespeople from Bayer are disputing this claim that Essure caused these deaths. The FDA is set to release it's own study towards the end of Feb. U.S. Representative Mike Fitzpatrick forwarded this information on fetal deaths to the FDA to review. The woman who conducted the study claims that her study was more comprehensive than the FDA's search and includes more keywords including: 'fetal death', 'stillbirth', 'stillborn' and 'miscarriage'. Mike Fitzpatrick is introducing the E-Free Act, which if passed, would removed Essure from the market.

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